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VISA® Debit Card

Access your checking account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your Debit Card. Your Debit Card works like an “electronic” check. When you use it, the purchase amounts are taken directly from your checking account. Use your card anywhere that the VISA® card is accepted.

It’s simple to use

  • Activate your card by simply using it or call the toll free number below
  • Looks like a credit card but funds come from your checking account
  • Use it anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Withdraw cash at a merchant or ATM
  • Use it to shop online or by phone

It’s safe

  • Unlike a check, merchants don’t have your personal information
  • Like a credit card, you are protected from fraud.  If someone uses your card you pay $0 if you report it lost/stolen.
  • Your card number is different than your credit union account number to protect your information

Using your Debit Card

  • Present your card at the time of purchase and funds will be deducted from your checking.
  • Go online or check your statement for a detailed history of your debit card transactions.  You will be able to see where you used the card, the date used, the amount, and the type of transaction.  All that info makes it easy for you to track expenses and balance your account.
  • Online purchases can be made safely when you are using a secure website.  Check for the lock in the url.

How to save money using your debit card

  • If you need cash, it’s cheaper at a store than an ATM.  Cash back at the store never counts as an ATM withdrawal so it’s always free. Just select Debit, enter your PIN, and select the amount of cash you want.
  • If you need to use an ATM it is always free at a BHCCU branch or visit for a full list of credit unions that belong to our surcharge free network for free use around the U.S.
  • Select credit instead of debit and save.  Credit transactions don’t count against any foreign ATM limits on your checking. (at some merchants you may have to select Cancel on the first screen to view an option for credit)
  • If you’re traveling use your debit card to convert to foreign currency.  You will get the best conversion rate and the 1% charge is less than fees at most banks or currency stations.

Activate your card

  • Use it anywhere.  Make a purchase or get cash at an ATM.
  • You can also activate before you use it by calling 800-456-6870

Traveling tips

  • When traveling with your BHCCU debit card, please contact your local branch before you leave. If we do not know that you are traveling, and suspicious out-of-state or out-of-country activity shows up, your debit card may be blocked and will be unusable. Calling BHCCU prior to your trip will prevent a block of your account funds.
  • If you’re traveling use your debit card to convert to foreign currency.  You will get the best conversion rate and the 1% charge is less that fees at most banks or currency stations.